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Commercial Property Management Brochure

Commercial Property Management Brochure Wayne Realty, Inc.


Samuel W. Miller is also an attorney engaged in the active practice of law for twenty-eight years, specializing in lease drafting and negotiations, landlord-tenant summary proceedings, tax certiorari, and civil litigation. Mr. Miller is able to draft and negotiate leases with tenants, institute legal action to evict tenants who are delinquent in paying rent or are otherwise in default under their leases, commence tax certiorari proceedings to reduce real estate tax assessments, institute legal action to collect rental arrears from tenants who have vacated the premises, and participate in other required litigation.


Wayne Realty, Inc. is fully automated in billing and financial reporting. Our financial reports contain a complete itemization of all income and expenses so that all receipts and disbursements can be monitored closely. Financial reports also contain figures for the current month and year-to-date, showing actual operating and prior year figures, including variations between the two. By tracking income and expenses closely, we enable property investors to engage in prudent long-term financial planning.


Wayne Realty, Inc. will manage your property in a “hands-on” capacity, becoming personally involved with the operations of each property. We will supervise all areas of your investment and ensure that our services will always meet your requirements, day after day, year after year. In addition, the principal is personally involved with each account, allowing direct contact at all times with the owners and tenants.


We will insulate you from building equipment and labor problems, and bothersome operational details. We will manage your building to maximize owner and tenant satisfaction, and operating efficiency.


As your management company, we will maintain an independent work flow responding to your changing needs. We will custom-tailor our services to meet your specific property needs.


In the event of emergencies occurring before ·or after normal business hours, we will respond promptly to resolve any problem. We are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, taking the responsibility to protect your investment.

Commercial Property Management

Professional management of a property is a key ingredient in maximizing asset value and realizing the highest return on your investment. Our service is designed to meet the needs of individuals and investment groups who invest in office buildings, industrial parks, retail stores, shopping centers, and other commercial property who do not have the inclination or background to manage their properties themselves.

At Wayne Realty, Inc., property management has a two-fold responsibility: to provide the tenant with a trouble-free work environment conducive to efficient productivity, and to enhance the owner’s investment through meticulous maintenance and sound improvement programs that add value to the property. Without professional management even the most promising real estate development or acquisition will fail to reach its full potential. We are committed to achieving that potential and turning an owner’s highest expectations into reality through “hands-on” management.

Our supervisory staff has developed standardized procedures detailing the many aspects of quality property management. These cover physical maintenance, efficiency of operations, and sound budgetary and financial controls. Together, these procedures provide for methodical implementation of the factors essential to enhancing property values and assuring the highest return on our clients’ investments.

Our management provisions cover the following:

Operational Efficiency – Properties are operated in a lean and efficient manner, commensurate with the objectives of adding to asset value and deriving maximum return on investment.

Management/Owner-Tenant Communications – We encourage frequent communications between management, owners and tenants in the form of personal visits, telephone calls and correspondence.

Property Inspection and Action Plan – Good managers cannot effectively manage a property solely from the office. Our managers develop a detailed inspection list of each property. Following periodic inspections, action plans are developed to solve problems and follow up on results.

Preventative Maintenance Systems – Successful preventative maintenance minimizes operating expenses and replacement of building mechanical systems. Operating personnel use a standardized preventative maintenance program to keep equipment operating at full efficiency and prevent inconvenience to owners caused by shut-downs for repairs or replacements.

At Wayne Realty, Inc. we offer you the following qualities:


Real estate management is a service business and our first priority is delivering the highest quality professional service. We at Wayne Realty, Inc. seek to provide you with competent, efficient service conducted courteously and promptly. Our goal is to provide personal service that is reliable and responsive to your individual needs.


Wayne Realty, Inc. is committed to excellence in providing complete management services for your property. We understand and appreciate the value of your investment and that it is the goal of all owners to improve the return on their investments. We at Wayne Realty, Inc. can show you how to attain such goals and aspirations. We will manage your property as if it were our own.


Samuel W. Miller, the owner and President of Wayne Realty, Inc., is thoroughly experienced in real estate management. Mr. Miller is a licensed real estate broker, and has been involved with the management and leasing of real estate for twenty-eight years. Specifically, Mr. Miller has extensive experience in managing and leasing forty retail stores, twenty cooperative and rental apartment buildings, and two office buildings.

Wayne Realty, Inc. services the New York metropolitan area. Let us help you professionally manage your property. At no cost or obligation, Wayne Realty, Inc. will meet with you to discuss the management of your property and the specific services we offer. Please use the contact form on the website or call 516-400-5774  to make an appointment.

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