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Landlord-Tenant Evictions

Landlord and Tenant Evictions

The Law Office of Samuel Miller has a particular concentration in the field of landlord and tenant evictions. Samuel Miller, Esq. has extensive experience for twenty five years representing the interests of landlords in the metropolitan New York area. Depending upon the particular facts of each individual case, either nonpayment summary proceedings or holdover summary proceedings will be instituted in Nassau or Suffolk District Courts, or Queens Civil Court. Both residential and commercial summary proceedings will be commenced depending on the type of landlord-tenant dispute.

Landlords should submit copies of their deeds, leases and renewal leases to Mr. Miller for his review. Tenants who have rent stabilized leases must be afforded the protections of the Rent Stabilization laws. Particular rules also apply to tenants who have Section 8 rent subsidized government contractual agreements.

Rent Demand Notices will be served, as required, by professional process servers. 30 day Notices of Termination of Tenancy will be served on tenants who do not have written leases providing them a specified term for the termination of their tenancies. Ten Day Notices to Quit will be served on those persons in possession pursuant to revocable licenses. Notices of Petitions and Petitions summoning tenants to court for hearings will also be served.

In the event tenants fail to appear in court on the return date, money judgments and judgments of possession will be prepared, together with warrants of eviction. Sheriffs or marshals will serve tenants with 72 hour Notices to Vacate the demised premises. Arrangements will be made with marshals, sheriffs and moving companies for the eviction of tenants from the premises and the storage of their personal property, if required by applicable law, for 30 days.

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