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When disputes between individuals and/or businesses become exacerbated and spiral to a position that such dispute cannot be readily and expediently settled, litigation through the court system often is the result. Samuel Miller, Esq. is an experienced attorney whose practice includes litigation representing both individuals and businesses. My objective is obtaining the most positive outcome possible in the event that litigation ensues depending upon the myriad of factors and conditions that surround such litigation. I am thoroughly committed to providing all of my clients with aggressive, effective and efficient legal representation through the court system.

Prior to the institution of litigation, I always attempt to avoid the onset of litigation by exploring all reasonable alternatives and options for amicable settlement of disputes between individuals and/or businesses which protect my clients’ interests. Samuel Miller, Esq. has successfully represented a wide range of clients in a varied assortment of legal disputes:

    • Real Estate Litigation— Litigation involving the representation of real estate owners, cooperative corporations and condominiums in enforcing their legal rights. Litigation also involving partition actions which seek a court ordered public sale of real estate in the event that co-owners cannot agree on the disposition of their property. Additional litigation involving defense of foreclosure actions where the validity of mortgage loans is challenged.
    • Contract Litigation— Litigation involving the representation of commercial and residential landlords in enforcing legal rights set forth in leases for real property. Litigation also involving enforcement of promissory notes and disputes regarding purchase and sale agreements for businesses.
    • Business Litigation— Litigation involving the representation of business owners with respect to a broad range of disputes including ownership interests and business operations. Representation includes protecting the rights of corporations, shareholders, partnerships, limited liability companies, and commercial and residential landlords and tenants.

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