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Wills and Probate

Preparing for one’s own passing is a difficult matter to confront, but is of paramount importance in planning for your future and addressing the needs of your family and loved ones. By executing a well prepared last will and testament which is the culmination of thorough estate planning, you can determine the most effective manner to distribute your assets and satisfy your debts upon your death.

Law Office of Samuel W. Miller is well prepared to assist you in this endeavor by providing the appropriate legal structure to effectuate your estate planning needs and objectives, and properly disposing of your assets and properties. Personal attention will be provided to meet your estate needs and protect your estate assets. Legal representation is offered at competitive fixed rates.

The designated beneficiaries in the will and extent of their bequests must be established. Trusts should be established in the will which provide for a designated trustee to manage assets and income which would otherwise pass outright to a minor child or young adult under a threshold age. An executor must be designated to administer the assets and income in the estate, settle the debts of the estate and make distributions to the designated beneficiaries. Real property may be required to be sold at a closing to a bona fide purchaser. Estate tax returns may be required to be filed with the federal and state governments depending on the amount of the estate assets.

All estate assets consisting of real and personal property, and all debts must be identified. Non-estate assets such as joint bank accounts, life insurance policies and individual retirement accounts with designated beneficiaries must also be identified.

Samuel Miller, Esq. will prepare and file the required probate petition and related papers with the Surrogates Court. Creditors and financial institutions will be notified accordingly. All estate assets and properties will be accounted for. All estate debts and taxes must be paid. Then arrangements will be made to distribute the remaining assets and property to the designated beneficiaries.

If you do not execute a last will and testament, then one of your close relatives will be required to file a petition for administration of your estate. In an administration, your assets and properties will be distributed to your closest family members as directed by statute.

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